Fall 2012 Winners


Best Narrative Feature

“Fuzz Track City”   Directed by Steve Hicks

Best Narrative Short

“Elegy For A Revolutionary”   Directed by Paul Van Zyl

Best Documentary Feature

“The Giant Steel Wall”   Directed by Steven D. Snyder

Best Documentary Short

“The Gaskettes”   Directed by Jason House

Best Student Film

“Skeleton Canyon”   Directed by Kenneth Oefelein

Best Experimental

“The Wooden Doll”   Directed by Jinu Ro

Best Music Video

“If You Ever Need Someone”   Directed by Aaron Kaminar

Best Script (Drama)

“Cause and Effect”   by Salvador Medina

Best Script (Comedy)

“A Perfect Gentleman”   by Jan Hadwen Hubbell

Best Script (Action/Adventure)

“Flash Lee”   by James Carroll

Best Script (Animation)

“Pudgeon”   by Joe Friend & Aaron Mahoney

Best Script (Horror)

“Emergence”   by Chris Liliedahl

Best Script (Suspense/Thriller)

“Wartime Revelations”   by Carlo Bordone

Best Script (Sci-Fi)

“Evolved: Unnatural Selection”   by Raed Assar

Best Script (Student)

“Benjamin The Great”   by Scott Ruane

Honorable Mention

“Lucy”   Directed by Eric Iglesias

“Pain Staking”   Directed by Adolfo Martinez Perez

“Forced Perspective”   Directed by Jeremy Glaholt

“Chocolates”   Directed by Sean Dudley

“The Graveyard Shift”   Directed by Mandira Chauhan

“The Steinway Corruption”   Directed by Robert Mai

“Making Possibilities”   Directed by Rohan Shand

“There Is No Love (Alicia’s Song)”   Directed by Victor Maters

“Grace”   by Jeffrey Russel

“Treason”   by Teddy McCormick

“Restoration”   by Don Stroud & Winter Mead

“Materminated”   by Carey Dunn