Fall 2013 Winners


Best Narrative Feature

“18 (Eighteen Noir)”   Directed by Yunsun Han

Best Narrative Short

“Dead Man’s Bluff”   Directed by Franklin Guerrero Jr.

Best Documentary Feature

“The Comic Book Palace”   Directed by Felipe Jorge

Best Documentary Short

“What Is Jazz”   Directed by Arthur Elbakyan

Best Student Film

“Rock Springs”   Directed by Lewei He

Best Experimental

“Urban Hippie”   Directed by Damien Krisl

Best Animation

“Medical Adventure Power!!”   Directed by Josh Weisbrod

Best Music Video

“Nothing Real”   Directed by Reed Simonsen

Best Script (Drama)

“Rouge”   by Edwin Cabrera

Best Script (Comedy)

“Finally Me”   by Charles Laulette

Best Script (Action/Adventure)

“The Night Witches”   by Steven Prowse

Best Script (Animation)

“Itsy Bitsy Tries Again”   by Zachary Vojdani

Best Script (Horror)

“Thrall”   by Chad Rullman

Best Script (Suspense/Thriller)

“I Love Playing With Fire”   by Diana Posner

Best Script (Sci-Fi)

“The Hydra Effect”   by Michael Hallberg

Best Script (Student)

“Shell”   by Alina Simon

Honorable Mention

“Dry Dock”   Directed by Brian To

“Loraine”   Directed by Daniel Sarkissian

“Reflection”   Directed by James Dyer

“Seasick Sailor”   Directed by Torre Catalano

“The Cadaver’s Swan Song”   Directed by Robert Mai

“The Last Templar”   Directed by Daniel Madore

“King Khama”   by Mark Macauley

“Lost Cause”   by David Schroeder

“Night Terrors”   by Sam Kauffmann