Fall 2020 Winners

Best Narrative Short

“ Unpot ”   Directed by Huieun Park

Best Documentary Feature

“ Kiss The Ground ”   Directed by Josh Tickell & Rebecca Tickell

Best Documentary Short

“ Iric ”   Directed by Sandra Tamkin

Best Student Film

“ Retrieval ”   Directed by Nick Azzaro

Best Music Video

“ Juliet ”   Directed by Rik Zak

Best Experimental

“ E-stran(e)a Mente ”   Directed by Vinz Beschi

Best Animation

“ NA ”   Directed by NA

Best Script (Drama)

“ Bitter Beans ”   by Lolita Fortuin

Best Script (Comedy)

“ Brook Farm ”   by Alexander Wake

Best Script (Action/Adventure)

“ Love and Other Bloody Messes ”   by Brian McGrath

Best Script (Horror)

“ Eminent Domain Project ”   by J.J. Alo

Best Script (Suspense/Thriller)

“ Bombshell ”   by Ludwig Leidig & Brett Williams

Best Script (Sci-Fi)

“ Legacy Two: Origins ”   by Danielle Erlich

Best Script (Animation)

“ The Winter Wolves ”   by Mark Kelly

Best Script (Student)

“ The Way To Burma ”   by Dongji Wen

Honorable Mention

“ Face Painters ”   by Giovanni Sanseviero

Honorable Mention

“ Flock Hers ”   by James Samuel

Honorable Mention

“ Homeless Love ”   by Andrew Gobel

Honorable Mention

“ Motherkiller ”   by Terry Lynam

Honorable Mention

“ So Don’t Call Me Sir! ”   by Bo Svenson

Honorable Mention

“ The Seedling ”   by Kevin J. Howard

Honorable Mention

“ The Strange Affair Of The Elevator ”   by Katy Regnery

Honorable Mention

“ Time, Space And The Poet ”   by John Turner

Honorable Mention

“ White Clay ”   by N D Brooks