Fall 2021 Winners

Best Narrative Short

“ Alternate Games ”   Directed by Mitchell Allan Boyce

Best Documentary Feature

“ Extraordinary: The Revelations ”   Directed by Jon Sumple

Best Documentary Short

“ Tiago ”   Directed by Baltazar Mello

Best Student Film

“ Stream Of Consciousness ”   Directed by Jesse Shore

Best Music Video

“ K/DA Villain ”   Directed by Oriol Puig

Best Experimental

“ Suono ”   Directed by Laurd Milian

Best Animation

“ K/DA Villain ”   Directed by Oriol Puig

Best Script (Drama)

“ Praying Mantis In A Jar ”   by Rosalyn Rosen

Best Script (Comedy)

“ TESStosterone ”   by Erin Elizabeth Keefer

Best Script (Action/Adventure)

“ Sergeant Freeman ”   by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall

Best Script (Horror)

“ Possum Man ”   by Eddie Yaroch

Best Script (Suspense/Thriller)

“ An L.A. Story ”   by  Christopher Pennington

Best Script (Sci-Fi)

“ G.O.D. OS ”   by David Christopher Loya

Best Script (Animation)

“ Buckhorn Academy ”   by Tayler Carter

Best Script (Student)

“ A Summer’s Wave Goodbye ”   by Jing Xie

Honorable Mention

“ Dearly Departed ”   Directed by Sebastian Ibanez

Honorable Mention

“ Cult Cartel ”   by Paul Davis

Honorable Mention

“ End Of Days ”   by Danny Alex

Honorable Mention

“ Foresight ”   by Jon Lance Bacon

Honorable Mention

“ High Water ”   by Caitlin Brands

Honorable Mention

“ It Happened In Silence ”   by Shaun R Delliskave & Karla Jay

Honorable Mention

“ Legends ”   by Danny Alex

Honorable Mention

“ Sans Everything ”   by Yanzi Ding

Honorable Mention

“ Sticking To The Life Plan ”   by Viktoria Zykina