Spring 2011 Winners


Best Narrative Feature

“Peach Plum Pear   Directed by Alana Morshead

Best Narrative Short

“Quirk Of Fate” Direct by Marco J. Riedl

Best Documentary Feature

“Don’t Tell Me I Can’t” Directed by Vandana Tilak

Best Documentary Short

“Haiti Earthquake 2010” Directed by Raymond Delon Poh

Best Animation

“Escape Of The Gingerbread Man” Directed by Marcus Tod Polson

Best Student Film

“On Air” Directed by Carsten Vauth & Marco J. Riedl

Best Experimental

“Asunder” Direced by Seif Abdalla

Best Music Video

“Secret Window” Directed by Dusty Wright, Peter Gorman & Wesley Wingo

Best Script (Drama)

“Bloodbrother” by Daniela Peterka

Best Script (Comedy)

“Admission Impossible” by Marla Cukor & Diane Uniman

Best Script (Action/Adventure)

“13hrs.” by Ed Vaughan

Best Script (Animation)

“Birdville” by Justin Warren

Best Script (Horror)

“Sentenced” by Collin Costello

Best Script (Suspense/Thriller)

“Someone Is Here” by William Keller

Best Script (Sci-Fi)

“The Balance” by Harrison Sissel

Best Script (Student)

“Shark” by Donny Sheldon

Honorable Mention

Narrative Feature

“Mortem” Directed by Eric Atlan

“5th & Alameda” Directed by Richard Friedman

“Found Footage” Directed by Samuel Bartlett

“Der Sandmann” Directed by Peter Luisi

“Charge Over You” Directed by Richard Steenekamp

Narrative Short

“Fallout” Directed by Paul DeNigris

“Siren” Directed by Andras Novak

“Eric” Directed by Paul Winter

“Pitch Black” Directed by John Hess

Documentary Feature

“Streets Of Flamenco” Directed by Marisa Lioreda Saez

“James Ensor, Demons Teasing Me” Directed by Hans Quatfass

“Stepping Into The Fire” Directed by Kaoru Ayabe, Roberto Velez & Ross Evison

“The Search For Michael Rockefeller” Directed by Fraser C Heston

“The Son Of The Olive Merchant” Directed by Mathieu Zeitindjioglou

Documentary Short

“Animation: A Palette Of Possibilities” Directed by Angela Hinton

“Last Men Riding” Directed by Chris H. Stockl & Ute Fussenegger

“Thinking Back” Directed by Alice Elizabeth Hunter

“Curing Gary” Directed by Simon Quiroz


“Surviving Hunger” by Balgum Song

Student Film

“Angel Eyes” Directed by Robert Womack II

“The Unforgettable Proposal” Directed by Mohammad Alkazemi

“A Beautiful Love” Directed by Gabrielle Capoblanco

“Time Spent” Directed by Puppet.

“The Interview” Directed by John Robert Feifer


“HD Travelogue” Directed by Derek Nickell

“The Struggle For Existence/Once In A Blue Moon” Directed by Take Ima

“Karma Terminator Pro” Directed by Niklaus Schiumpf

“Seperation” Directed by Andras Novak

Music Video

“Chasing Trains” Directed by Rick Salpietra

Script (Drama)

“Bridgetown Minutes” by Keith Apland

“Dancingake” by My Son’s A Pirate

“The Dinasour Girl” by Marc Morgenstern

“The Winner Takes It All....” by Jean Christoph Duell

“My Beautiful Rock Star” by Brian Rhodes

Script (Comedy)

“A Fart In An Elevator”  by Kathy Pyatt

“Tortuga ”  by Adam Perkins

“Dough”  by John French

“Aspirin For The Masses”  by Adam Nixon

“Edison Brothers- Patent Pendent”  by James Kelley

Script (Action/Adventure)

“Going Down”  by Brian Duncan

“Cherry Glass”  by Bruce Gadel

“To Kill An Angel”  by RJ Buckley

“Run This Town”  by Jesse Sprenger

“When It Rains”  by Pete Fleming & Greg Lofrano

Script (Animation)

“The Fifth Beetle”   by Abraham Frank

“The Moronic Plague”   by The DB

“Bad Creatures”   by Karen Moore

“Mere-Cats”   by Scott Liapis

“The Barrier”   by Jonathan Hardy

Script (Horror)

“Taste”   by John Boone

“faceless”   by Dante Aubain

“Lighthouse”   by Michael Gallagher

“Jasper-live.com”   by Samuel Bartlett

“Dead City Walking”   by Andre Thierry

Script (Suspense/Thriller)

“Silence”   by John Edward Flynt

“D.O.C”   by James Manion

“The Plumber”   by Jeffrey Ryback

“Trigger Man: Redemption”   by Dante Aubain

“Abduction At Dawn”   by DJ Murphy

Script (Sci-Fi)

“Second Lives”   by Michele Ryan

“Wonder Woman”   by Monica Mayon

“Ceduna”   by Mathew Wilkinson

“Galapagos”   by Klaus Hassel

“Karasai-Foundations Of Eternity”   by Christopher Miller

Script (Student)

“Luzia”   by Gustavo Bernai

“Stranded”   by Austin Reynolds

“Camp Crazy”   by Lauren Scratch

“Wrigley & King”   by Cornelius Murphy