Spring 2022 Winners

Best Narrative Short

“ Eureka ”   Directed by Miida Chu

Best Documentary Feature

“ The Jewish Jail Lady and The Holy Thief ”   Directed by Victor Velle

Best Documentary Short

“ The Dream Of Martin Luther King ”   Directed by Glenn Towery

Best Student Film

“ Ashes ”   Directed by Eric Bryant

Best Music Video

“ Jeff Hilliard - Consensual ”   Directed by Jeff Hilliard & Joey Danger

Best Experimental

“ Maria Mohn - Fly ”   Directed by Andy Pett

Best Animation

“ Space Shuttle Episode 1 ”   Directed by Derek Frederickson

Best Script (Drama)

“ Beneath The Badge ”   by Robert Bowersox

Best Script (Comedy)

“ Dial It Back ”   by Erin Elizabeth Keefer

Best Script (Action/Adventure)

“ Bloodlines: The Mogadishu Diaries 1992-1993 ”   by Eddie Clay Thompkins III

Best Script (Horror)

“ Paragon ”   by Erik Schill

Best Script (Suspense/Thriller)

“ Recitation ”   by Courtney Froemming

Best Script (Sci-Fi)

“ Bad Love Tigers ”   by Kevin Schewe

Best Script (Animation)

“ Boneyfiddle ”   by Tayler Carter

Best Script (Student)

“ The Sundance Kid ”   by Aidan Singer

Honorable Mention

“ A Package Of Dreams ”   by Bradley M. Look

Honorable Mention

“ A Siren’s Sweet Whisper ”   by Fred G Stemme

Honorable Mention

“ Act Of Love ”   by Elvin Betancourt

Honorable Mention

“ Dissension ”   by Stacey Alan Spivey

Honorable Mention

“ Homeless Love ”   by Andrew Gobel

Honorable Mention

“ Mano Nera (Black Hand) ”   by Samantha Caprio-Negret & Richard Price Sorin

Honorable Mention

“ Mutiny In The Dugout ”   by Rod Kent

Honorable Mention

“ Rare Bird ”   by Dougie Coleman

Honorable Mention

“ The Ownership ”   by David Rosenblum

Official Selections

“ ¿Qué Somos? ”   Directed by Maria Prieto

“ Apocalypse ”   Directed by John Fairchild

“ How To Avoid A Sappy Goodbye ”   Directed by Doug Rogers

“ Rats In The House ”   Directed by Francesca Brice-Martin

“ Ten Essentials ”   Directed by Travis Greene

“ The Sun Line - Fire In The Pines ”   Directed by Peter A English

“ The World To Come ”   Directed by Josh Fagen